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Thelma Scott


Thelma Scott founded SAFE Diversity Communities, formerly known as Barbara Jordan Endeavors Corporation (BJEC), in December 2000. As an undergraduate student and a woman with a hidden disability, she faced her own challenges in a world that lacks understanding for those who are different. Despite surviving breast cancer, spinal injury, and memory loss, she continued her education and became a consumer of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). Despite being stigmatized and bullied, Mrs. Scott’s success as a DARS consumer and disability advocate led to her appointment to the Statewide Governor’s DARS RCT Council Board, inspiring her to advocate and mentor people with disabilities.

Her vision is to empower people with “Unique Abilities” to overcome barriers, live freely, and enjoy the best quality of life. Mrs. Scott’s genuine, resourceful, enthusiastic, able, and loving nature is demonstrated through her work at SAFE/BJE, where she serves as the CEO. She is a credible community leader and mentor, securing donors, motivating volunteers, and supporting students in pursuit of educational advancement. She advocates for equal access and fair treatment for all citizens and has received national recognition for her work. Her warmth and love for others, coupled with her passion for SAFE/BJE, has created a legacy of service that continues to push for excellence.

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Our Amazing Founder

Thelma Scott
Founder of SAFE Diversity Communities


Awards and Honors for Thelma Scott
Founder & CEO of Barbara Jordan Endeavors Corporation

  •  Women of Now Rising Higher Award for Women’s History Month Award – March 7, 2016
  • Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs Community Hero February 28, 2015​
  • Texas Diversity First Leadership Award, the first African American woman to receive this award
  • WSN Community Outreach Advocate of the Year Award 2015
  • TRA Justin Dart (ADA) Advocate of the Year Award 2015, only one person in Texas is honored with this award
  • Texas GFSC Self-Advocate of the Year Award 2015, only one person in Texas is honored with this award
  • Top 30 Influential Women of Houston 2014
  • Super Lady Soiree Honoree Houston 2014
  • TWEF Woman of Worth Award Presented by Stedman Graham 2013
  • Parents, Teachers, and Students Association Community Support Award – 2013
  • Rotary District 5890 Spotlight Award 2013
  • White Cane Day Appreciation Award 2012
  • No More Victims Outstanding Community Award 2012
  • VIP Community Partnership Award from HISD (2011 & 2013)
  • Black History Month 2013 DARS Stakeholder Spotlighted (BJE) 2013
  • LPCDC Community Partner’s Award 2011
    Adopt a Ditch Keep Houston Beautiful Award 2010
  • Rotary District 5890 Spotlight Award 2013
  • White Cane Day Appreciation Award 2012
  • No More Victims Outstanding Community Award 2012
  • VIP Community Partnership Award from HISD (2011 & 2013)
  • Black History Month 2013 DARS Stakeholder Spotlighted (BJE) 2013

Professional Profile: Mrs. Scott's Advocacy Work and Scholarship Program Recognition

  • · Channel 2 News featured Mrs. Scott’s testimony in the New York Night of Hope
  • Channel 13 News – Cross Roads interview with Melanie Lawson
  • Channel 13 News – Walk, Run & Roll Kick-Off interview with Tom Abraham
  • Channel 13 News – BJE Program interview with Elissa Rivas
  • Fox 26 News – BJE Program interview with Sally McDonald
  •  Channel 11 News – Great Day Houston Interview with Debra Duncan
  •  Channel 13 News – Barbara Jordan HS & BJE Award Ceremony with Tom Abraham
  • · Houston Style Magazine Article – Breast Cancer Survivor Creates 5K Walk, Run & Roll-2013
  •  Cypress Creek Mirror News Article – Barbara Jordan Endeavors program expanding – 2013
  •  d- Mars Community Journal – 5k Walk, Run & Roll Kick Off River Oaks Metro Center – 2013
  • The Diboll Free Press – Scott Honored: “Endeavors” as Champion of Change Award – 2012
  •  The Bright Star, Lufkin News- Diboll Native Nominated for White House STEM Award – 2012
  • · d- Mars Business Journal – Mrs. Scott as a Disability Advocate -2012
  • Houston Chronicle News Article – Programs helps teens work toward future goals -2012
  • Houston Chronicle News Article – Making a Difference for People with Disabilities – 2008
  • 1960 Sun Klein News Article – Endeavors Program Empowers Students with Disabilities – 2005
  • The Ebony Voice News Article – Endeavors Scholarship Awards Luncheon – 2004
  •  Houston Chronicle News Article – She Endeavors To Help Others – 2004
  • 1960 Sun News Article, New Chamber Committee Takes Cause for People with Disabilities 2004
  • 1960 Sun News Article – Making some shade for Westfield High School – 2004
  • The Leader News Article – Providing the first BJE Scholarship to an NHC Student -2002
  • Houston Chronicle – Against All Odds North Harris College – 2000

Mrs. Thelma Scott: Overcoming Adversity, Embracing Inspiration, and Prioritizing Family and Community.

Mrs. Thelma Scott’s life journey has been marked by significant challenges and moments of personal tragedy. Despite the obstacles, she has persevered and emerged as a source of inspiration for many. Her husband, Otis Scott Sr., was her rock and supported her unconditionally until his passing in 2008. The loss was devastating, but Mrs. Scott drew strength from the love and support they shared for 41 years. Additionally, her close friend, Mrs. Rose Mary McGowen, has been a constant source of inspiration and support in her life. As a mother of five and a grandmother of nine, Mrs. Scott has always placed her family at the forefront of her priorities. Her career path has been diverse, from law enforcement to marketing, and she has excelled in every field she has pursued. Mrs. Scott’s unwavering commitment to community service is reflected in her involvement in projects such as the renaming of a Diboll street in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She is also recognized for her work in films such as “Pound of Flesh” and “Temp to Fire.” Above all, Mrs. Scott is known for her giving spirit, as she passionately believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities regardless of their abilities.

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Showing compassion to students with hardships can make a significant difference in their lives. S.A.F.E. Diversity Communities provides them with the support and encouragement they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

A student with a "Unique Ability" can do anything anyone else can do, when they are given the opportunity! Never Give Up, No Matter What. -Thelma Scott

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Thelma Scott’s exceptional legacy of service has inspired countless others to follow in her footsteps. The students of the SAFE/BJE program are a shining example of her dedication to excellence, as they continue to display remarkable commitment and leadership in their work on committees, boards, and commissions advocating for equal access for all. Thelma’s unwavering commitment to service has left a lasting impact on the lives of many, and her spirit of generosity and compassion serves as a true inspiration to all those who aspire to make a positive difference in the world.



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